Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Expanding Your Band’s Reach

Some bands yearn for that extra push to break into the wider music scene and present themselves as a worthy act with a very distinct sound. Fortunately, today’s communication technologies can help bands reach out to a fan base like never before. Ensure your band’s success on social media through these tried and tested methods of marketing.


A social media account is a great opportunity to direct users to your band’s official website. Make the effort to share links to the website content and encourage visitors to click on them. Exercise discretion in sharing content – some third-party material may come from websites of questionable credibility. 

Pic Posts

Many social media users want to have a glimpse of the band in action and in other off-stage environments. You can use Instagram with the associated hashtags to post official band pictures. Photos of the band that includes the audience have a certain appeal to them. 

Frequent Engagement

Every band that wants to gain a following should make the effort to communicate with people who look them up on their official accounts. Although a social media marketer can be tasked with managing the band account and facilitating replies, band members who identify themselves in replies back to a fan give it a more personal touch.

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