Tuesday, January 20, 2015

To Boost Sales: Three Tactics for Marketing Your Tampa Based Business Online

It’s irrefutable that strategic online marketing for Tampa businesses like yours is vital in this Internet era. Different SEO companies are offering you a list of the numerous online marketing tactics they provide, but before you employ any strategy, it is important to carefully study them first so you’ll know how it can be tailor-fitted to your current marketing strategies. Rocket Boost Media offers three of the most effective tactics your business can get huge returns from. One is the local buzz. Search engines now have algorithms that provide people a list of companies at their locations. Just recently, Google announced that over 20% of searches are geo-tagged. Local buzz makes you more visible in the search engine results which will increase the likelihood of attracting more local prospects to your business. Your company has to be made visible on local listings with complete contact information, keyword optimized content and positive reviews.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Social Media Marketing Plans You Should be Using

The emergence of social media has made it possible for large and small businesses to access their respective markets. It also has created a new avenue for their products and services to garner a following. That said, before you go on an excursion towards this plane, you need to have a working marketing plan that will let you draw in the much-needed exposure that your brand needs.